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Clean our Ocean 

keep our sea magical.

The first thing you can do is use less plastic products, which are responsible for ruining habitats and leads to killing tens of thousands of marine animals each year because they get stuck in them. I would suggest carrying a reusable bamboo water bottle and a keep cup for your daily coffee! Also, keep a reusable mesh bag on you for when you need to grab some groceries after work. Other products you use every day like a toothbrush – swap for a bamboo one, and change your plastic straw for a bamboo one too.

Be mindful about the effects of climate change and consider how you can reduce your carbon footprint by lowering your energy consumption. It could mean driving less and catching public transport or riding your bicycle more often. Other simple changes you can make are swapping your light bulbs at home to lower your energy use. Hang your washing outside instead of using the washing machine! Climate change is causing variations in water temperate and is leading to rising sea levels and more storms, as well as changes in the diversity and abundance of marine animals. 


Make sustainable and safe seafood choices as populations of fish are depleting at an alarming rate because their habitats are being ruined by unsustainable fishing practices! So next time you go to buy some seafood at the supermarket or you like the look of the seafood dish on the restaurant menu, politely ask where they source their produce.

When you are shopping for a new outfit or a gift for a loved one, make sure don’t buy anything that exploits marine life. A number of items contribute to the harm caused to coral reefs and marine life populations. Keep clear of purchasing items like coral jewellery, tortoiseshell hair accessories, and any shark products! 


Get involved in your local community as much as you can to help remove rubbish from your much-loved coastline! Check out if there are any beach clean-ups around you! If you are a scuba diver like myself a lot of places will host dive clean-ups - which are extremely rewarding and will show you just how much rubbish people discard in the sea! A team of divers managed to remove 16.7 tones of rubbish from one marina in just one weekend!


Written by Alsha Coppolina. Alsha is a wanderlust, travel blogger, and high fashion model based in Dublin. 

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